For the latest software versions for our Wattmeter products, USB driver, and Manuals, see the list below.  The latest software versions are always posted here at no charge.

  1. Digitally signed/certified USB driver for all WaveNode models on all Windows OS (32/64 bit). Follow the instructions in Installation instructions below, #2 in this list.

2.  Installation Instructions for all WaveNode products on all Windows OS (32 and 64 bit).

3.  WN-2 Software Version 3.72

     Version 3.72 released January 2022.   Includes SMART SWR RESET and new SmartGain continuously viewed gainblock.    SmartGain allows Digi/CW/SSB mode continuous amplifier gain viewing .   Perfect for amplifier tuning and monitoring.   Installation will not  remove your previous software versions or desktop shortcuts.                              SmartGain Technote and information

4.  WN-2d Software Version 2.12

Version 2.12 released January 2022.  Includes SMART SWR RESET and new SmartGain tool.   Adds location to main page and USB reset button for remote operation.   Perfect for remote station or repeater monitoring.    Installation will not  remove your previous software versions or desktop shortcuts.            SmartGain Technote and Description

5.  WN-2m Software Version 2.0

Version 2.0 released Janurary 2022.   Adds the SmartGain feature.   Installation will not  remove your previous versions or desktop shortcuts.                           Technote #118 The SmartGain software feature

6.  WN-1 Software Version 2.5 (get instructions below)

Version 2.5 is the last software version for the WN-1.  You will need to use the instruction link below to install the more recent InOutput.dll driver on Windows 7 and later.      Instructions take you through installation of the WN-1 unit on Windows 7, 8, and 10 using native parallel port or after-market PCI parallel port card.

Wavenode WN-1 and Windows 7, 8, 10 Installation Instructions

7.   Windows Messaging App for sharing Wavenode Data to other Applications

This C++ application demonstrates how to import the power/SWR numbers from the Wavenode software into your own software easily.  The application comes with the commented source code and a demo program.   For all Wavenode products on all Windows OS.