February-1-2023:    SmartGain viewer and peak-hold bars are added to the software suite.  The updated software versions are available on the Downloads webpage.  The overall graphical appearance has also been a bit updated.

Technote Regarding SmartGain feature

April-15–2022:    Updated our 70cm-2KW sensor for improved S11 and directivity.  The new version of this sensor has an improved reflection coefficient of < -26 db.   Insertion loss has been reduced to < 0.5% with the improved teflon materials in the stripline R.F. path.

November-9-2021:  We Introduce two new sensors for 33 and 23 cm operation, the SHF-2B and SHF-3B.  These sensors are for 0-500 watt continuous operation and requires no external power.  They are <0.5 % insertion loss and directivity of >23 db.  They replace the previous SHF-2 and SHF-3 models  at the same price of $125.   Perfect for exciter, linear amplifier, or direct at feedpoint operation.

33 and 23 cm sensor webpage

April-9-2021:   The SmartReset feature is added to the fault reset for high SWR.   The SWR relay  is automatically reset after R.F. is halted for 5 seconds,, or 20 seconds after the high SWR relay is tripped.  This is especially useful for remote operation since no operator intervention is needed to reset the amplifier keying line.

See SmartReset Tech Bulletin here:

March-20-2019:  Software version 3.61 for WN-2 includes Email/Text fault notification.   Fault monitoring of high SWR, low RF power and battery/power supply faults.  Fully configurable by the user for your email or text addresses.  Perfect for monitoring of remote base station and repeater sites.   Allows fault detection on four transmitters and inline sensors at the site.

Email Fault Notification Description and Setup Document

March-4-2018: 630/2200 Meter Inline Sensor now Ready for Delivery.  This newest sensor covers both of the new 630 and 2200 meter bands.  These sensors are for 100 KHz through 5 MHz operation, and 0-2000 watt power range.  They will accurately report SWR to help you develop new antennas for these Amateur bands.

January-8-2017: WaveNode sensor RFView ports are optimized for Apache Labs (Anan) SDR radio IMPure operation.   The RFView ouput port is set for -3 dbm @100 watts forward power.  This level matches the recommended input level of +13 dbm @ 1500 watts forward power. This level is also ideal for oscilloscopes and spectrum analyzers.

September-18-2016: RF Connectors Option: DIN RF connectors are now available as an option on Wavenode UHF-2KW and 70CM-2KW sensors. The option price for these connectors is $50/sensor.

September-16-2016: The WaveNode USB driver for all of our products is now digitally signed and certified by Microsoft on all Microsoft operating systems.   This makes installation of the driver very simple for new and existing PC installation.   This certified driver is the same driver as the previous version, so no need to update your USB driver if your software is working correctly now.   You will receive the digitally signed driver with all new product shipments, or you can request it from us at Contact@Wavenode.com.   To download this signed USB driver, Click here. The Installation instructions for this signed driver are Click here.

September-15-2016: New sensor available for QRO 50-60 MHz operation. This sensor is for 0-4000 watt operation on the six meter Amateur Radio band.   It is available with either N-type or DIN connectors and is optimized for high power and low insertion loss operation.   Price: $80 (N type)/$130 (DIN connectors).

September-28-2014: WaveNode is pleased to announce that Mediaglobe will be distributing WaveNode products in Italy. Mediaglobe is the largest web-based Amateur Radio supplier in Italy. Please visit www.mediaglobe.it.

July-1-2014: N4PY rig control/equipment integrator software now supports Wavenode wattmeters. http://www.n4py.com for more information.

May-15-2014: The DX Shop distributes WaveNode products in Europe. You can reach them at http://www.thedxshop.com or            tel. +44 (0)1588 620126.

May-1-2014: WaveNode now provides RF port on all of our inline sensors for use with IMPure feedback reduction of Intermod products and splatter. WaveNode sensors can now provide an optional 13 dbm @ 1500 watts transmit RF on a separate BNC port to provide the feedback required for this feature .                   Click here for technical paper on this new technology.