Price:  $125.00 USD


SHF-3B   0-500 watt range, 900-1300 MHz for 23/33 cm Usage.

The new SHF-3B sensor replaces both the previous SHF-2 and SHF-3 units.  These units do not require external power and can be mounted directly at the exciter, amplifier and even the antenna feedpoint by extending the connection cable.   They feature a dual stripline coupler built on low-loss PTFE material to realize an insertion loss of <1%.


Optimized for 23/33 cm Operation (0-500 Watt Continuous Power)  

S11 (Return Loss)  better than -20 db,   Directivity > 23 db.

Supplied with N-type Connectors

Price:  $125.00 USD


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