Typical map view of RT-1 and RT-2 rotator control software.   CCW/CW buttons control the rotator, as well as simply clicking on the map view.  Rotator headings and graphical viewing make rotator control easy and intuitive.


The RT-1 and RT-2 rotator controllers are only for use with Yaesu DXA and DXC rotators.   They are installed inside the Wattmeter controller unit and connect to your rotator control box(s) via a supplied 3 meter long DIN cable.

No other calibration is required, just connect the cable(s) to your rotator control box(s) and click on the map to move your antenna to the correct beam heading(s).   The background views are provided to you by Wavenode for your exact location, and centered on your QTH.

The software is already part of your Wattmeter software menu bar, there is no additional software or PC interface to install.

Select the RT-1 option for single rotator control.

Select the RT-2 option for dual rotator control.

Rotator Version :

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